Little Cabin in the Woods We finally packed up the tent and cleaned and stored our camping gear. It has been an amazing experience, hard to decide what is our favorite place as all have been special in their own way. Nice to know we can manage the winds of Ireland, the rains in France… Read More

We were staying on a large campsite which straddled the island of Losinj on a pitch overlooking Mali Losinj on the west shore of the island. Ideally, but for the wind, we would have been on the east shore (off season many of the sanitory blocks were closed including the one near our site; we had… Read More

We packed up the Golf and set off early in the morning. The drive from Arisdorf was horrendous, heavy rains, heavy traffic and long, but after many hours we made it to our first campsite in Savudrija, just over the Slovenian border in Croatia. We got a place on a campsite right on the water overlooking… Read More

We love being tourists! Anne and Steve arrived from Boston after an uneventful flight. After a light lunch we took a walk to the “Big Cats Retirement Home”. A refuge for big cats (lions, tigers, and a pair of leopards) who once ‘worked’ in circuses around Europe. Hmmm, I forgot how long the walk was,… Read More

We returned from Uganda, quickly unpacked, did laundry and got ready for our visit from Jennie and Phil (aka Fred); Jim’s sister and brother-in-law. As we have not been in Switzerland very much we enjoyed going to Bern (the country’s capital and home of the Bern bears), Basel ( a lovely old city along the… Read More

Time just flew by… “ProZach tours” really showed us how amazing, beautiful and diverse Uganda is. After returning from Tanzania Zach rented the “Super Custom”, a big four wheel drive van and we took off for Jinja, an amazing place along the Nile about 60 miles, yet 2-3 hour drive from Kampala as the roads… Read More

Back from Murchison, it was time to welcome Michaela and Steve to Uganda. They arrived after a long day travelling from California – and finally arrived at Zach’s at 11 pm. The next day was Michaela’s birthday and we had a birthday breakfast at an early hour as we had an early flight to Kilimanjaro International.… Read More

Pro Zach Tours does not fail to deliver! We had a “Super Custom” 4 wheel drive vehicle with Zach at the wheel. A little mishap with the local authorities (minor incident, life in Uganda!) otherwise uneventful but so interesting!! SO many people walking, hopping on and off ‘bodas’, so much activity all along the four… Read More

Our first venture out of the great city of Kampala was to the south-west for our first glimpse of rural Uganda. Zach was working so we set of in 4×4 van with our driver Martin. It was a 3 hour drive to the turn off for the Lodge full of new sights – an experience… Read More